Lording Over the Chicago Brew Scene: Three Floyds Brewing Company 

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Three Floyds Brewing Company is located in Munster, Indiana. Distributing its craft beer locally to Northwest Indiana and Chicago, Three Floyds has become internationally known for its exceptional Dark Lord Imperial Stout, a brew that is regarded as one of the world’s best beers. The brewery also features its own pub that looks onto the brewery’s huge kettles. For beer enthusiasts visiting the Chicago area, a trip to Three Floyds is a must.

The brewery was founded in Hammond, Indiana in 1996 and is a family-run business.  Brothers Nick and Simon Floyd along with their father, Mike Floyd, have seen their brewery go from a modest warehouse venue to a new 15-bbl brewhouse. The facility is now located in Munster, Indiana where it has been concocting unusual craft beers since 2000. In 2005, the brewery opened a pub on the premises; it serves exceptional pub fare with a vast selection of imported craft beers and, of course, Three Floyds various beers, such as mainstay beers Alpha King (American pale), Gumball Head (American wheat), Robert the Bruce (Scottish ale), and Dreadnaught (Imperial IPA). These beers are bottled and are distributed locally. However, the pub also serves limited brews that are not available anywhere else.

For instance, the award-winning Dark Lord is only available one day a year—on Dark Lord Day held annually in the spring. This peculiarly wonderful Russian stout boasts Intelligentsia coffee and Mexican vanilla. Beer enthusiasts rave about its outstanding taste; the Dark Lord festival is held at the brewery and tickets are required.

Other seasonal beers also attract beer lovers to Three Floyds:

  • Munster Fest is a Bavarian-style beer brewed specially for Oktoberfest, containing traditional German ingredients; its bold taste harkens back to barbarian days of old.
  • Apocalypse Cow is a double IPA with a rich malt body complemented by floral and citrus flavors.
  • Rabid Rabbit is styled after Franco-Belgian farmhouse beers and features a complex array of spices.

These beers tend to boast higher-than-average alcohol content, but are also known for their intense flavors and superb crafting.

As for food, the pub menu changes from time to time, but popular mainstays include scotched eggs with pork and chicken sausage, mussels in mustard beurre blanc, pretzel roll burgers, and goat cheese pizza. The menu also features gourmet specials that pair exquisitely with Three Floyds beers. Although microbreweries are relatively common around the Chicago area, Three Floyds is a stand out that is growing in fame.