5 Fall Brews You Need to Try 

Southern Tier PumpkingThere’s a lot to love about the fall season: the more comfortable clothes, the smells of chimneys and grills, and, of course, the autumn-only brews. And what better way to enjoy those beverages than by having a few while catching up on your gaming catalog? That goes for both console and online gamers, though especially the latter if you dabble in gambling. Online casino Betfair, for example, allows all the luxuries (i.e., winning money) of going to an actual casino without actually going to a casino. Because who wants to deal with parking, crowds, and lackluster beer selection. Also, when you stay home to do a bit of gaming, you’ll be able to enjoy tastier (and cheaper) brews than those available at a smoke-filled venue. Now let’s get to the brews:

  • Sierra Nevada’s devESTATEtion: Despite having a lackluster estate ale this year because of a bad harvest, Sierra Nevada went back to the drawing board and churned out a superb IPA with citrus notes and great hop flavor. The only problem is that it’s super-limited, so you might have some trouble finding a bottle. If you do, though, don’t pass it up.
  • Southern Tier’s Pumking: We just had to have one pumpkin-flavored beer on here. The ale is easily the best pumpkin-related brew you could imagine thanks to its caramel notes and one hell of a kick. Unlike others of its ilk, it boasts a strong ABV at 8.6 percent.
  • Avery’s The Kaiser: In addition to a pumpkin beer, we needed to include at least one Oktoberfest. And without question, the Kaiser is the way to go if you’re a fan of these full-bodied and toasty brews. It’s also got a huge kick to it at 10.2 percent ABV, so pace yourself.
  • Sixpoint’s Autumnation: If you like your beer to have a nice dose of bitterness in addition to citrus/berry notes, you need to try the Autumnation. What’s especially fun about this particular brew is that Sixpoint allows its fans to pick the hops used in the batch. The Mosaic hops chosen give away to the taste we just described.
  • Founders’ Breakfast Stout: Chocolate and coffee-flavored beer drinkers: You better be enjoying this brew or else you are seriously missing out. If you’re unfamiliar, save it for a cold and rainy day and it’ll for sure warm you up.

If you get your hands on one of these, let us know what you think in the comments!

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