Enjoying Flying Dog’s Brewhouse Rarities Green Tea Imperial Stout 

Flying Dog Brewhouse Rarities Green Tea Imperial StoutThanks to the generous folks at Flying Dog, I was able to try 1 of the 3 bottled Brewhouse Rarities, the 10% Green Tea Imperial Stout. The beer was released in February 2013 and follows the simple criteria that all the rarities are held to: “Too weird to live, too rare to die.”

Ray and I sat down with a 750 mL of the beer Wednesday night, and here are our thoughts:

The beer pours jet black and opaque with a fluffy mocha head that lingers. I picked up sweet chocolate notes in the aroma, while Ray found nutty and crisp notes.

There was a medium mouthfeel, and I found that the stout coated my tongue, but pleasantly (no motor oil slickishness here).

I found the Green Tea Imperial Stout to be mega chocolatey, yet still balanced. Ray noticed a lot of dark fruit and molasses, as well as chocolate.

Unfortunately, neither one of us could pick up any green tea notes.

As I let the beer warm in my glass for 15-20 minutes, I thought I dedicated a slight herbal bitterness, but it was so hard to tell. I had Ray check and recheck, because he drinks green tea regularly, while I do not. He was unable to taste any green tea.

That said, this is an excellent imperial stout. The higher ABV is obvious, but it doesn’t hit you over the head. Ray felt that this style wasn’t the one to pair with green tea—maybe a pale ale would have been better?

Either way, I’m excited to work this beer into a baked good, which I plan to feature on my baking blog, Cupcake Friday Project. Stay tuned!

Disclosure: Flying Dog provided me with two bottles of Green Tea Imperial Stout so I could review it and develop a recipe for it on Cupcake Friday Project. My opinions are my own.



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