Watknee’s Cream Stout Homebrewing Kit from Midwest Supplies 

Watknee's Cream Stout Brewing Kit from Midwest Supplies

We were recently approached by Midwest Supplies about reviewing one of their many, many brewing kits. While we haven’t purchased from this particular homebrewing and winemaking company before, I had heard good things about them, so I figured, sure! Plus it’d been awhile since we brewed, and even longer since using a kit.

Midwest has a very large selection—more than 100!—including kits that are good for beginner, intermediate and advanced homebrewers. I picked the Watknee’s Cream Stout kit, a clone of the British Watney’s Cream Stout. We’ve had some tough times with our own stout recipes, so we thought the kit might be good practice, and I’ve never worked with maltodextrin.

Watnee's Cream Stout Kit pieces

The kit arrived in a perfectly packed box—Midwest doesn’t mess around with unnecessary shipping materials! We received the key ingredients of DME, specialty grains, hops, yeast, maltodextrin … and we even got Irish moss, a muslin bag, and priming sugar for when we bottle! The instruction sheet has both a “quick” to-do list (for those of us familiar with brewing) and a longer set of instructions, which are quite thorough.

Box close up

I’m a sucker for design, but I really like the packaging Midwest uses for their kits. They use almost every available surface to communicate with the homebrewer, providing the kit’s info (ingredients, brewing info, etc.), a handy brewing calendar, and at least 4 different ways for customers to get a hold of Midwest if they have any questions.

Since we’re pretty busy through November, we’re looking to brew this kit in December, bottle before the New Year, and enjoy the stout in January … maybe for my 31st birthday party? So stay tuned!

Disclosure: I received a this homebrewing kit for free from Midwest Supplies. However, my opinions are my own.

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