When Homebrewers Get Married… 

Mel's engagement and wedding ringLong time, no write … I know, I know. We’ve been bad. The Ginpel (Ray’s Belgian tripel with rosemary, juniper berries, and other traditional spices) we brewed back in August — it’s in the secondary, waiting patiently for the herbs and spices to be added. Boris the Spider Chai Oatmeal Stout that we concocted in late September — it’s hanging out in the bathtub in its secondary as well, waiting for me to finally wade through all my various chai recipes I’ve worked on.

We’ll get to them. I mean, heck, the culmination of 14 months of wedding planning and DIY projects finally hit on Saturday, Nov. 7. Ray and I tied the knot and shared a pint (or four). But that will be for another post where we can regale you with stories of what it’s like to bring together 75 people into the brewery that Carol and Ed Stoudt built and how the best open bar is the one with more than 10 local craft beers on tap.

Until then, here are couple more photos from our amazingly talented photographer, Georgi Anastasov.

Mel and Ray in front of the wall of Stoudts labels

Ray and Tim out by the Stoudts fermenters

4 Responses to “When Homebrewers Get Married…”

  1. Congrats! Just think, on your 1 year anniversary, you guys can brew an “Anniversary Ale”…

  2. What an awesome place to tie the knot. Congrats and I owe you both a beer if we ever meet in the real world.


    Married 28 years (to the same woman)

  3. My fiance and I are hoping to have a similar type of wedding. He got into brewing when we first started dating and got me into really appreciating a good beer. We’re hoping to have a beer themed wedding (more on our blog) and I was wondering if you had any more pictures of your wedding that you’re willing to share.


  4. Hi Melanie,

    Congrats on your engagement! Here is a link (might have to copy and paste) to a Wedding Graduate post I wrote for (AWESOME blog…great insight) that’s chock full of photos. Enjoy!

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