Session #20 Roundup 

Mel’s idea for Session #20 seems to have been a hit! Of course, now I have to round up everyone’s posts. Hurrrrr…

Here are all of the Session #20 posts that I know of, in the order that I found out about them. Email me if I missed you, and I’ll write a secondary roundup post on Friday.

  • Keith at Brainard Brewing channels some enchanted headwear as he reminisces about the early days of his home.
  • Matt comes to us from A World of Brews to talk about his rugby days, and the warm, flat can of Bud Light that stood between himself and his ride home. Because he is a rugby player, I advise against hugging him.
  • Steph Weber née Merkler (which is to say, she’s my sister, but I guess isn’t anymore ’cause we don’t have the same last name now) from beer.cook.pair.joy really liked the idea of moving to Malvern, PA, so much so that she and her husband drank and brewed quite a lot of beer there. PA greats Tröegs and Weyerbacher helped move them in. I helped, too. It was delicious, but the couch was awkward and heavy.
  • Al from Hop Talk drank some Brooklyn Brewery Oktoberfest at their Octoberfest celebration. Imagine! Sorry, that came out more sarcastic than I meant it to. Actually, it’s more like just a get together. Geez, I am not flattering this guy…
  • Alan has a good beer blog. He forgot his memory, though. He says he’ll get back to us, but for now, here’s some philosophical waxation.
  • Beer and memories: Captain Hops chimes in his way. He wrote some haiku.
  • Dan and Ethan at Beer-O-Vision had trips to Scotland and Ireland, respectively, making me painfully envious. Ethan has more to say about stuff from after he got back from Ireland, actually, but I wanted to point out that he went to Ireland because seriously guys I am very jealous by which I mean envious because jealous is technically the wrong word in this case.
  • Fun fact: Bionic Laura was the name Nintendo was originally considering for the main character in Metroid. I think it’s better than Samus Aran, personally. This sounds unbelievable, but Aran is in Laura’s blog’s name. No way that’s a coincidence. Anyway, she’s been all over the freaking place, apparently. Very cool.
  • Ted at Barley Vine talks about his introduction into a whole new world of beer. I think this is a dear memory for just about all of us.
  • Rob DeNunzio of the onomatopoeically named Pfiff! has a peculier memory to talk about. He made a “peculier” pun in his title, too, so I guess I’m not very original.
  • Jon at The Brew Site points out effectively that his brain is full.
  • Brian Yaeger of Red, White, & Brew, writing in with his very first Session post, has been to Russia. He’s been a lot of places. You might say he’s been on an Odyssey.
  • Bryon at Home Brew Beer has fond memories of Bass Ale. I heartily endorse his taste. I drank quite a lot of Bass in college. Mmm mmm mmm.
  • Lew Bryson, award-winning brewery guidebook guy, shows us just what a prolific beer fiend he is. Kudos!
  • Troy at Great Canadian Pubs and Beer takes us back to Henry House in Halifax before indulging in some well-earned name dropping.
  • Mario from Brewed For Thought sips a few Belgians and transports his psyche back to his olden days. Ah, the olden days. So olden.
  • E. S., whose Thirst is Relentless, has been followed through life by Bell’s Two Hearted Ale. It has been lurking in the shadows. Ooooooo.
  • Stan Hieronymus (whose name I am finally capable of spelling correctly) at Appellation Beer stops off in Germany during his trek around the world for a Zoigl.
  • Roger of Bottled Llama has the best name for a beer blog out there. Best, that is, unless he ever wants to form a band, because he’ll never beat Bottled Llama as far as band names go. This will make him very sad, which will affect his music. He talks about cowboys and Old Milwaukee. Cowboys and Old Milwaukee would also be an awesome name for a band.
  • Over at Legal Beer, we hear of a trip through the Chunnel with Duvel. Does anyone else think Chunnel sounds like a brewing term? “Wait for the chunnel to settle before bottling.” “Boil the chunnel for ten minutes to sanitize it.” “Slightly cloying, with just a hint of chunnel.”
  • Jay at Brookston Beer Bulletin reminds us that it’s the memory that counts, not the beer. His romantic stinger seals the point.
  • Finally, everyone’s favorite Dublish Beer Nut talks about his trip to Belgium and his first taste of Rochefort 6.

A great big gooey thanks to everyone who participated in The Session this month!

3 Responses to “Session #20 Roundup”

  1. Hi Guys,

    I am hosting next months event. Here is the link to the announcement for The Session #21. http://aworldofbrews.blogspot.com/2008/10/announcing-session-21-favorite-beer-and.html

    Matt C.

  2. Yeah, Bottled Llama – the Band!!

    In truth, once upon a time, I was in a band. We were Jubal’s Bane. We learned three songs and drank way more beer.

    Rock on.

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